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Northwest Oncology provides the highest level of clinical cancer care in Northwest Indiana. Our team of physicians are actively involved in researching the latest cancer treatments. Patients have access to the most current research through clinical trials and benefit from a team-focused, multidisciplinary approach. Our physicians participate in weekly conferences focused on individual cancer types and treatments. This unique approach ensures that the clinical plan for each patient is customized, comprehensive and coordinated.

Janette Furman

Northwest Oncology
I needed a doctor who was the best of the best – who would fight for my life. I was referred to the doctors at Northwest Oncology. I was amazed at the speed with which my procedures and appointments were scheduled. They always made me feel welcome, comfortable, and cared for. I am alive today thanks to my doctor at Northwest Oncology.

~Janette Furman

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Your mind is a great tool and we believe that through proper support, your cancer care can be enhanced.

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Your body is as important as your mind. During cancer care, your body may experience changes and we encourage our patients to make sure they take care of their body during and after treatment.

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Getting the right support during your treatment is key. The right kind of support will help your journey through cancer care.

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