Our Mission

Northwest Oncology is an integrative healthcare center that specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and support of patients who have cancer and certain blood disorders.

We believe that the delivery of quality healthcare requires skilled professionals with compassion and sensitivity to the total needs of our patients and their families.

  1. We hold the complete welfare of our patients and their families as our objective.
  2. We conduct our services with ethical and moral integrity.
  3. We recognize that each person is an individual with individual needs.
  4. We respect each person’s right to privacy.
  5. We believe that each patient has the right to feel secure with the treatment prescribed.
  6. We support an individual’s right to decline treatment.
  7. We maintain a pleasant working environment where individuals come together as a team, with pride and a sense of achievement, to carry out our mission.

When you’re ready to talk, Northwest Oncology is ready to listen.